Initial Process Assessment

Begin With Your Initial Process Assessment
First You Measure It…Then You Improve It

How does a heart surgeon answer:

  • “How much is heart surgery?” or
  • “Overall I feel pretty good but how much would you charge to shock me with those paddles just to ‘shake things up’ a bit?” or
  • “What’s your hourly rate? I’d love for you to perform my surgery but you need to do it on my terms and within my budget because I know EXACTLY what needs to be done and how long it should take to fix it.”

I have just as difficult a time answering these questions as a heart surgeon.

Surgeons don’t operate without an evaluation and diagnosis and blood work and a full history because quite often symptoms are tricky and misleading.

Some patients that seem to need a bypass only need a stent while others that are walking around feeling just fine are days or hours away from hugging the floor face first.

To diagnose and quote over the phone after a 2-email exchange and a 6-minute phone call does neither of us justice.

That is why I offer the IPA or “Initial Process Assessment.”

Cesar was able to help get our website and marketing going so we can have a sustainable business of now over 5 years! He knows tech and he knows marketing. Freedom for you is just around the corner. Without a doubt work with Attraction Marketing Engineering on your next project!
~Dawn & Jesse in Florida
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I’ve been working with Cesar and his digital marketing products since 2010. He takes his Technical mind and really breaks it down to digest for the average Joe. I was able to increase my business 10x after hiring him to build my digital marketing platform. Let AME, Inc. take care of your digital marketing needs as they have mine. Thank you for the 5 star service Cesar! ~JC in Florida

This is a deep dive into the sales, marketing, advertising and/or technological components of your business to see how everything meshes to create a seamless sales choreography.

No Aspect Of Your Business Operates On An Island!

Everything is inter-connected and inter-related. Your business is an eco-system; a cash-creation assembly line; an asset-building machine.

In this IPA we will start with your initial concerns—Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, CRM Selection and Optimization, Sales Processes, Prospecting, Website Conversion, SEO, Social Media, Sales Training, etc.

Once we have a handle on that we’ll review how that ties in to your other processes such as recruiting, sales scripts, PPC, email marketing, SEO, ecommerce, affiliate marketing and more.

We’ll leave no stone un-turned as we evaluate what is working, what is not, what your goals are and what it will take to get you there.

All calls will be recorded and sent to you.

When you work with Attraction Marketing Engineering, Inc. and my team you only cry once: that’s when you make the payment. After that everything else is smooth sailing because we’ve learned it’s better to pay more than you hoped, than less than you should.

Now let’s go sell something together,

Cesar Ramirez

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